Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Trustees

Although it may seem logical to turn trustee duties over to “the next generation,” there may be strong reasons why doing so is not in the best interests of all Family Trust beneficiaries. An objective third party may be a far better choice.

In some instances the time involved in the day-to-day operations of a Family Trust could be better assigned to an administrative assistant with a background in trust administration, freeing the trustee to higher-level operations, or other responsibilities.

Transferring trusteeship to a successor may require administrative forensics, travel and on-site assistance to compile records at a remote location, or simply additional help on a temporary basis to assist with getting the job done.

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Pappy’s Carharts

Please don’t leave me some tchotchke
to sit in a windowsill and
be dusted from time to time
in wistful reverie

Leave me something you use, like
Freddy’s fillet knife
Lisabeth’s music stand
Susan’s espresso maker
Mama’s favorite kitchen spoon
Pappy’s Carharts

So that when I pick up your pen,
throw on your scarf, or
stuff a new bees wax candle
into the molten leavings of its predecessor
in the hot brass cup of your candle holder
Our hands will touch
in the present moment again
and again
and again

© Holly Blue Hawkins