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Holly Blue Hawkins

Holly is a consultant and educator of regenerative cemetery management practices.

Holly Blue is a Cemetery Management Educator, Natural Deathcare Advocate, and Green Burial and Conservation Burial Ground Consultant.  To attend Holly Blue’s upcoming classes and offerings, click here.

Holly Blue’s work includes consulting and teaching in the areas of natural deathcare, conservation burial grounds, sustainable and eco-friendly burial practices, and cemetery management. In addition to a background encompassing the broad spectrum of life-death subject matter, Holly Blue is a member of the Green Burial Council Speakers Bureau, part of the Gamliel Institute faculty, past member of the Board of Trustees of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of California, and an independent consultant with over 35 years of experience.

Holly Blue is a regular conference presenter on a variety of end-of-life topics, including popular “Death Café” sessions. Her consulting practice provides expertise to cemetery, natural and woodland burial grounds, and mortuary care management, demonstrating her consistent advocacy for environmentally sustainable and culturally sensitive burial practices and facilities. Holly Blue has been featured in the Seven Ponds newsletter, the Green Burial Council website, Tablet Magazine, the Beside Project, and the Return to Earth online summit. Her volunteer involvement includes Green After Death, NOR (Natural Organic Education) Liturgy Group, and heading the Santa Cruz Community Chevra Kadisha.

To discuss creating a speaking program or workshop for you, please send an email or call (831) 588-3040.  Holly Blue also offers a free End of Life Planning Guide and an introductory free consultation.


Sing Back the Soul of the Land

Sing to the land, mothering songs, songs of celebration.
With your eyes, embrace the land,
with your hands, set to write what has been cast apart
 with your hands, carry away what does not belong to the land.

Sing!  love songs magnificots, lamentations, celebrations, lullabies
 with your heart and your voice and your whole being.
Sing back the soul of the land.

~ Holly Blue Hawkins