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   Navigating The Last Part of Life


Someday, with or without warning, each one of us will be absent. Just like that.

Not having affairs in order is the worst kind of littering. Just when loved ones are hearing a tough diagnosis, or deserve the right to grieve their loss, they are scrambling to pick up the pieces and trying to figure things out.

Here to Help…

“Putting affairs in order” for the end of life, for yourself or someone else is a big job. But you don’t have to do it without help. In fact it’s doubtful if most of us could.

So whether it’s the middle of the night and you are alone, your mind reeling from news you or a family member just received; or you are a new successor trustee juggling and struggling to figure out someone else’s systems; or your community or congregation is ready to mobilize an end-of-life planning initiative; or you are a professional fiduciary or attorney with an ever-growing client population that needs more hand-holding than you have hours in the day, Last Respects Consulting is here to answer your call.

We would be happy to discuss a complimentary end of life planning consultation, to customize a speaking program or workshop for you, and we also offer a free End of Life Planning Guide. Or we’re here to talk – contact Last Respects Consulting, or call (831) 588-3040.