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Natural Deathcare

It used to be so simple. Death was part of family life; bodies were prepared in the home for burial, which was often in the family plot or community cemetery. But like so much else that has been given over to specialists, we have turned over the preparation of bodies for final disposition as if suddenly by their dying our loved ones became strangers and we no longer know how to care for them.

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Twenty years ago the United Kingdom was faced with a crisis in cemetery management and deathcare. The response is an amazing and inspiring story that we, in the United States, would do well to emulate. Now, the UK has nearly 250 “woodland burial” sites either planned or fully operational.

The good news is that the United States is waking up, with an increasingly well-organized and pro-active response to our growing deathcare statistics. Over the next twenty years, 80 million baby boomers will die. The environmental impact will be devastating unless we change our ways. Do we have your attention? Check out Grave Matters by Mark Harris.

Home Funerals

There is a growing trend in the USA towards reclaiming the care of our dead as part of a full life. Although there are times when it is appropriate for a professional funeral home to handle deathcare arrangements completely, it is often also possible and even beneficial for a family to keep or bring the body of a loved one home for loving care and preparation, sitting with the body, and having time to grieve and adjust to death.

Organizations such as Final Passages provide training for “death midwives” to learn how to guide the preparation of the body and facilitate a “home funeral” vigil, empowering loved ones to become involved in creating appropriate and personally authentic funeral ceremonies.

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Last Respects Consulting can help you to make choices about natural deathcare for you or your loved ones. We are also available to assist with home funerals, vigils, or Shrouding Circles. Fill in the form below for a complimentary 30 minute consultation, contact Holly Blue, or call (831) 588-3040.

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