Classes and Events


Kavod v’Nichum Conference

June 12 – 14, 2022. Join us for three days of workshops and conversations exploring Jewish and end-of-life rituals and practices. Everyone is welcome! Chevrah Kadisha members, end-of-life professionals, chaplains, spiritual leaders, doulas, and anyone curious to learn more.

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Jewish & Green: Cemetery Management for the 21st Century, Gamliel Institute Course with Holly Blue Hawkins and David Zinner

September 14 – December 21, 2022
8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific
This class will be composed of 12, 90-minute Zoom sessions

Thousands of Jewish cemeteries in North America are being managed by people with little or no experience, who have limited access to resources. Cemeteries may vary in size from a few graves in a small area, to thousands of graves within hundreds of acres; some hundreds of years old. Some are Jewish sections in larger cemeteries and are struggling to adhere to Jewish standards. Others are eager to incorporate strategies to convert to “greener” practices.

Often cared for by volunteers, many are aging out and need to find and train replacements; record-keeping is often done with paper and pencil; ownership may be unclear. All of these issues cry out for a comprehensive approach to management.

This course, Jewish & Green Cemetery Management For The 21st Century, provides an overview of essential knowledge and an intense dive into the skills needed to run a Jewish “green” cemetery.  In addition to separate tracks on Education, Chevrah Kadisha, Dying/Grief, and Text Study, the conference offers an entire track devoted to Cemetery Operations, including: Cemetery Preservation, Drone Mapping, Exploring Alliances Beyond The Jewish Radius, Reducing Funeral and Burial Costs, Cemetery Nuts and Bolts, and Modern Memorialization Options.

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Green Burial Masterclass offered through Re-Designing the End

First launched on January 10th, 2022, the Green Burial Master Class is now a self-paced learning opportunity. Holly Blue Hawkins and Lee Webster have partnered to share their expertise in this online, 12-week class series. Over 50 participants worldwide have already completed the course and are now eligible to take an independently administered exam and receive a Certificate of Proficiency from the Green Burial Council. For more information and registration, please visit RedesigningTheEnd.

Topics include: The Cultural and Environmental Call for Natural Burial Practices, Legal Matters, Requirements, and Certification Standards, Technology, Documentation, Communications, Memorialization, Grave Operations, Environmental Impact and Conservation, Green Products, Best Business Practices, Starting a New Cemetery, and Ethics.