End of Life Planning Needs Assessment and Support for Individuals & Families

Planning for life is enough of a challenge. Now you want us to plan for death, too?

Ready or not, with or without warning, death wakes us up to its reality, and the journey of discovery begins. Like every expedition, it starts with deciding what is important to keep close at hand, and then leaving everything else behind in a good and responsible way.

What do I need to do in order to take care of myself?

What does my family need to do in order to take care of me, my affairs and themselves?

What must I accomplish before I am free to focus my attention on the end-of-life journey?

 Who are my advocates and how can I help them to be prepared for the rigors of this experience we will share?

 Who do I want with me (or not)?

 What will it take for me to be able to look backward in peace and forward in peace, so I can be fully in the Present Moment, without the distraction of unmet commitments and unanticipated roadblocks?

 How do I want to be remembered, and am I creating the story I want to have told of me after I am gone?

 Death is not the opposite of Life, but part of the experience of being alive. The question is: are you willing to look death in the face “on a good day” and start to prepare for the journey? Last Respects Consulting is here to help you set goals, identify and empower your advocacy team, unpack your overwhelm and increase your sense of preparedness. We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to support you.

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What if you had to “step out” of your life today, now, in this moment?

Who knows:

  • your usernames and passwords
  • where you hide the extra keys?
  • your pets, what they need in order to stay healthy and happy, who becomes guardian?
  • if you have an Estate Plan or an Advance Healthcare Directive and who is your agent?

. . . and many more questions…

Who would “take care of business” for you? Are they prepared?

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