First-time Successor Trustees:

A bit of hand-holding

Successor Trustees

If you have no background in serving as a successor trustee or working with a family trust, understanding your responsibilities and organizing tasks can be overwhelming. It is absolutely essential that you have adequate guidance in fulfilling your “fiduciary duties,” so be sure to have an attorney you understand and trust to guide you every step of the way.

Sometimes, qualified legal counsel may not be enough. What you need to help you get organized is someone with extensive experience of trust administration “in the trenches” with you. With the close supervision of your attorney, we can serve as your partner in taking over the duties of successor trustee, helping you with trustee forms, setting up systems and getting your new responsibilities into a sustainable rhythm. We will even go with you to meetings with your attorney, to “bring another set of eyes and ears” when you need them.

Last Respects Consulting is here to support you.  We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to help you on your way. Contact Holly Blue, call (831) 588-3040 or fill in this form:

Complimentary Trustee Consultation Request

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like all bodily functions
is nothing to be ashamed of

Each day
old skin dries
floats away as dust
to make way for something new

the whole body becomes dust

like any bodily function,
happens to all of us:
the body, the sweet companion of a lifetime,
stops at the Gate
we kiss it
one last time
and pass through the sacred portal alone

Death, like all bodily functions
is part of life
it reminds our divinity
that embodiment is a borrowed state

Death, like all bodily functions
is nothing to be ashamed of

© Holly Blue Hawkins